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Sharing a Family Law Concern Can Be Crucial

Our family law attorney in Floral Park, NY will keep your matter confidential

Not all drama should be kept within the family. If you have a legal concern, share it with the family law attorney at the Law Offices of James T. Murphy. We have extensive experience handling cases involving sensitive issues like parental rights, child support, abuse and neglect.

Contact us today to arrange a meeting with our family law attorney in Floral Park, NY.

So you've decided to get a divorce

Our divorce lawyer can provide guidance and get things started. We want you to understand your options, so be prepared to consider related issues like...

  • Equitable distribution of property, pensions and other assets
  • Child support, custody or visitation
  • Alimony (maintenance)

We will fight for your rights and a positive outcome. Retain our divorce lawyer in Floral Park, NY today.

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